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Fix My PC Please has been serving the The Community of Bixby Knolls for over 10 years. During that time we have established alot of friends with our service. We here at Fix My PC Please thank you for your continued patronage of our shop. It has been with your support and patronage that we were able to outlast all the competition and become one of the best pc service provideres in the area. Out lasting all the startups to be here 10+years. In that time there was a PC shop opening every month only to close within a few months. Because the long beach community has been so loyal to us. As a testament to that loyalty we will be rolling out programs and online coupons this year to Long Beach residents.

I'm looking to be more involved with my website this year forward. In the past we paid a monthly fee to a company that had complete controll of our website. No more. I will have a more active role in my websites content and design.

We Specialize In Repair and Upgrades
Virus Removal, Malware and Trojans
Macbook and PC Repair
Service for Business and Home based business
Custom Built Computers
Gaming Desktops 
Software installs and troubleshooting
VirusLaptop Screen and mainboard repair
New Is Remote Repair


New to the business is the remote repair service this service will allow customers from anywhere in  the United States to use our service to get their computer repaired from their home . These are scheduled appointments that are flexible to meet the remote customers need.


Remote Support

Often, bringing your computer in can be a inconvenient. That's why we also provide Remote Support. Leaving your computer at home, while we do the work. Give us a call today and lets talk about helping you with your PC problems.

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